Get your kids to wear helmets

Dear Editor,

I represented the North Shore Safety Council at CityFest and manned the booth of at the Harry Jerome Recreation Centre. This comprehensive injury prevention program is designed to help young children develop lifelong safety habits to minimize their risk of sustaining brain and/or spinal cord injuries.

City of North Vancouver Mayor Darrell Mussatto spoke about the skateboarders in attendance and made the comment: “I hope they don’t break a leg.”

Well, they could break a brain and be forever lost. There was a skateboarding competition. We decided that 95 percent of the skateboarders were not wearing helmets.

ThinkFirst offers a wonderful insightful egg-drop presentation. An egg is put into a helmet (egg-sized) and is dropped onto the concrete. The egg is intact. Then the kids witness the egg being dropped without the helmet. You know the rest.

Parents, please get your kids onboard with wearing helmets.

Wendy Qureshi, North Vancouver [Director of the North Shore Safety Council]